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Refugees move to new camp - 28th September 2020

There was a big fire in Greece last week. The fire was at a refugee camp. Refugees are people who need help. They come from countries with big problems. Now, the police are moving the refugees to a new camp.

The refugees had to leave their countries. There is war in their countries. Or there is no food there. Refugees want a safe place to live. Lots of refugees travel to Europe. Many of them arrive in Greece. They travel on dangerous boats to Greek islands. The government puts these people into refugee camps. Moria was a big refugee camp on Lesbos, a Greek island. 12,000 refugees lived in Moria camp.

Last week, fires burned down Moria camp. The refugees’ homes all burned. They wanted to walk to the local town. But the police stopped them. Refugee families had to sleep outside. This situation continued for a week. They didn’t have enough food or water.

The refugees want to leave the island. The refugee camps are too small. There is no room for all the people. They are dirty, and sometimes dangerous. But the government says no. The refugees have to stay.

The Greek government wants European countries to help. Only Germany is helping. The German government is giving some refugees homes. No other country is helping. Many European countries don't want to help. The European Union will talk about the problem this month. It wants other countries to help in the future.

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