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Scientists find huge coral reef - 9th November 2020

Corals are tiny sea animals. They can’t move around. Some corals look like rock. A lot of corals together is a coral reef. In Australia, there are 3,000 coral reefs close together. This is the Great Barrier Reef. Scientists found another coral reef here. This reef is 500 metres high.

Scientists found the reef by accident. They wanted to study the ocean floor. They used an underwater robot with a camera. They saw the reef on the robot's camera. The reef is 1.5 kilometres wide. It is 500 metres high. This is very tall. The scientists were surprised to find it.

The Great Barrier Reef is huge. Lots of fish live in it. It is very important for the world. But climate change is making the sea hot. Now, the corals are dying. The fish can’t live without the corals.

Scientists don't find new reefs very often. The last time was 200 years ago. The new reef is in an area with some other tall reefs.

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