How can Sensations English add value to your school or college?

How can Sensations English add value to your school or college?

An accessible online tool offering real world news in video and article format - with supporting interactive games and study tools.

  • Only Sensations English offers high quality professional news and topical material through current videos and articles, written at five levels of English.
  • All of our videos and articles have clear learning outcomes, making it easy to combine them with more traditional teaching elements in classroom delivery.
  • Great for motivating students and for speeding up their learning.
  • We are a service that complements and enhances colleges’ and teachers’.
  • Our aim is to make your offer more compelling to students, with up-to-date, authentic learning content.
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Working with us

  • We understand that the right way to support your teachers and students with up-to-date, authentic learning content depends on your English language centre's own needs.
  • Flexible partner solutions to take advantage of our content.
  • Can be used as a part of a lesson plan within your institution, or as something the learner can use alongside their existing learning.
  • Use Gradebook to see the progress of your students and also individual logins, teacher logins and an admin portal to manage the deployment and usage of Sensations English within your organisation.
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Partnership solutions

Flagship Partnership
  • College offers blended courses with Sensations English materials embedded into lessons.
  • We equip your teachers with unique, authentic and graded content providing context and language-rich exposure, all at 5 CEFR levels.
  • We guarantee to update the digital material x2 a year - so the videos never truly date, the content is always current.
  • Bespoke content & training sessions
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Subscription Service
  • Straight annual subscription licence. with individual log-ins for students
  • Students have access to searchable content and gradebooks.
  • Search function to identify engaging content enrich lessons
  • Includes the Gradebook which allows teachers to track results on an individual or class basis.
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  • Add Sensations English to your learning portal, by including it as a self-access resource within your centre's LMS.
  • A great way to provide learners with free access to fresh accessible news videos and articles.
  • Content is searchable by topic and interest, and there is full access to the range of games and tools available with a standard end-user subscription .
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Affiliate option

  • If you are not from an institution, but involved in English language teaching, you can also partner with Sensations English through our Affiliate model. This offers teachers commission if they promote our product. Commission starts from 20%.
  • If you think this partner route is for you, then please take a look at how it works.
  • Get in touch today to discuss how Sensations English can help.
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