Emily free climbs 1000m rock in a day - A2

Woman free climbs rock in a day - 23rd November 2020

Emily Harrington is an American climber. She went up a very big rock. She climbed it in 24 hours. The rock’s name is El Capitan. It is in Yosemite Park in California, USA.

El Capitan is 1,000 metres high. Lots of people climb El Capitan every year. It normally takes four to six days. Not many climbers can do it in a day.

There are different ways to go up El Capitan. Harrington used 'the Golden Gate route'. She is the first woman to finish 'the Golden Gate route' in one day.

Harrington is a free climber. She uses her hands and feet to climb. She doesn't use ropes to help her. She only uses ropes for safety.

Harrington started climbing at 1.30am. She was with another famous climber. They climbed together.

In the past, only 3 people finished the Golden Gate route in one day. They were all men. Harrington wanted to be the first woman.