Emily free climbs 1000m rock in a day - B1+

Woman climbs 1000m rock in 24 hours - 23rd November 2020

American Emily Harrington is being celebrated after free climbing Yosemite National Park’s famous El Capitan within a day.

She’s the first woman to successfully attempt the challenging 'Golden Gate route' and reach the peak in under 24 hours.

El Capitan is a huge granite rock which rises 1,000 metres above the park. It attracts thousands of climbers a year and typically takes four to six days to climb. Only a handful of climbers have completed this route in less than a day.

Free climbers do not use ropes to help them climb. Instead, they pull themselves up with their hands and feet. Ropes and other gear exist only as a safety net in case of emergency.

Harrington began her journey at 1.30am with fellow climber Alex Honnold, who accompanied her on the first part of the route. They climbed together and were connected by a rope. This was Harrington's second attempt to reach the top of El Capitan. Last year, she had to give up after she fell 45 metres and needed hospital treatment.

Over the past few years, three men have also climbed the granite rock in a day via the Golden Gate route. However, Harrington felt it was important for her to be the first woman to achieve this.

After she reached the top, Harrington posted a message on social media: “Impossible dreams challenge us to rise above who we are now to see if we can become better versions of ourselves.”