Pope backs LGBT civil unions - A2

Pope says yes to LGBT civil unions - 2nd November 2020

LGBT people have problems in many countries. They often can't get married or have civil unions. A civil union is something like a marriage. Usually, the Catholic church doesn't want civil unions. Now, Pope Francis says LGBT people are “children of God”. Francis is the head of the Catholic church. He thinks civil unions are a good thing. He wants LGBT people to be part of families.

Pope Francis said this in a new film. The film is called 'Francesco'. It is about Francis' work as pope. He became pope in 2013.

Francis was sometimes kind to LGBT people in the past. Now, he says LGBT people should have civil unions. This is big news for the Catholic church.

In the film, Pope Francis talks to an LGBT couple with children. He wants them to come to church.

Evgeny Afineevsky made the film. He wants people to watch 'Francesco'. He hopes everyone can hear Pope Francis' words.