El Salvador priest makes a fishy plan - A2

Church starts fishing business - 28th August 2020

Moises Rutilio Moran is a priest. He works in El Salvador. He is helping people get food in lockdown.

Lots of people don’t have enough food. First, he got them food from shops. But he didn’t have enough money. He couldn’t pay for the church's electricity.

He made a small pool at the church. He put fish in it. Now he sells the fish to local people.

Moran: "The project was born from the need to earn an income that we were no longer receiving because people can't come to the church, and the fact that churches are closed, and with the goal of supporting the church."

Moran is giving people jobs too. They are helping to sell the fish.

Moran likes his new work. But he wants the church open again. He wants to help local people. They are worried about Coronavirus.