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Artist paints animal murals - 13th November 2020 view all

This man is painting a mural. His name is Louis Masai. He is an artist from London. He is painting murals in different UK cities. Masai's murals are of an orangutan.

Orangutans live in trees in Borneo. But their homes are in danger. Some companies cut down the trees. They use the land to make palm oil. A lot of food has palm oil in it. Masai wants people to know about orangutans’ problems. So he paints the orangutan murals. He thinks people can learn from art.

Louis Masai: “And I think it’s a bygone day when you just paint purely for the sake of painting. There’s so much to talk about right now, we are inundated with pieces of information that need to be shared."

Masai uses bright colours. The murals look like toys. This gets a lot of people to focus on them.

Louis also paints other animals. He paints eels. Eels are long, thin fish. There were lots of eels in London’s rivers. But now, the rivers are dirty. The eels could all die.

Louis Masai: "But it’s also an opportunity for a much wider, sort of, conversation to be had, that people need to live more in harmony with nature and allow nature to thrive.” view less

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