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Robot dog is looking for work - 2nd October 2020 view all

This is a robot dog. Its name is Scar. It works at a university in France. The robot dog comes from the USA. The American company makes robots.

The university’s engineering school bought the robot dog. The school wants to focus on new technology and new science.

Engineers changed some things in the robot. The changes help the robot dog move around. Now, it has 5 cameras for eyes. The cameras can measure the size of the area.

The robot dog can walk around lots of different places. It is difficult for robot humans to walk in some places.

The school is working with other organisations. They are finding new ways to use the robot dog. It will work in dangerous places. People will not have to work there.

One possible job is under ground. Scar can help people to build tunnels. The robot dog can go in front of the tunnel machine. view less

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