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Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies - 23rd September 2020 view all

People remembered Ruth Bader Ginsburg this weekend. She was a judge. She decided who was right and wrong. Ginsburg worked for the US Supreme Court. She died on Friday.

Ginsburg was a Supreme Court judge for 27 years. She was only the second woman in this court. Her work helped a lot of people: women, LGBTQ people and people from different countries. They called her 'RBG'.

Lorena Blanco: "We believe that RBG was a role model for all women. She stands up for everyone - supported women, supported the LGBTQ community, and cared about everyone's rights.”

In the past, life was very difficult for women. Ginsburg worked hard to get into law school. In the 1970s, she did lots of legal work for women. She wanted women to be equal to men. They made a film about her work.

Kiley Boland: "She was my hero before I was born and I didn't know it for a long time. She's the reason that I can be a lawyer. She's the reason that women can't legally be discriminated against, so she means a lot to us."

Now, there will be a new Supreme Court judge. Some people are worried. The court can make big changes to the law. This judge wanted to help people. But the next judge could be different. view less

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