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Get on the green bus in Scotland - 20th November 2020 view all

This bus is different. It doesn’t get power from diesel. It uses hydrogen. It is the first hydrogen double decker bus in the world.

The bus is in Aberdeen in Scotland. In the past, oil was important in Aberdeen. Now, the city is changing.

Aberdeen is getting 15 hydrogen buses. They will help Aberdeen cut pollution. Aberdeen wants zero pollution by 2045.

Philip Bell helps local people.

Bell: "These buses are now going to total 15, these double deckers. We’re getting 10 more next year as well so that’ll take our fleet of this generation, first in the world, hydrogen fuelled double decker buses to 25."

Hydrogen buses can travel a long way. They don’t take time to recharge with electricity. The buses use hydrogen stations. The city is telling people about the new buses.

David Phillips works for the bus company.

Phillips: "But ultimately, it’s all about our customers for us. It’s about the opportunity to provide them with a, a means in which to, to improve air quality in the city. It’s a chance to actually look at transport generally around how we can encourage modal shift."

Aberdeen got money to buy the buses. The Scottish government gave some of the money. The European Union gave money too. Other UK cities could get hydrogen buses soon. view less

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6th July 2020
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