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Diwali celebrations in India - 18th November 2020 view all

Diwali is a religious festival: the Festival of Lights. This year, the festival is different.

Hindus, Sikhs and Jains celebrate Diwali all over the world. They put lights outside houses. They watch fireworks. In India, it is a very important festival.

Diwali happens every year. But this year, there are problems. The festival had to change.

In New Delhi, the air is very dirty. This year, people can't use fireworks.

Temples are always full of people. But people are scared of coronavirus. They are staying at home.

Lots of people in India have coronavirus.

But Sonam Choudhary thinks that everyone will still celebrate.

Sonam Choudhary: "I think everybody in their mind, they are scared about coronavirus, but at the same time they are, kind of, adjusting to the new normal, maintaining social distancing, sanitising their hands, and to be sane, you have to get ‘the life goes on'.” view less

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