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Longboard dancing - 16th October 2020 view all

This person is using a longboard. Longboarding is a sport. Now, people are dancing on longboards. There are videos of longboard dancing on the internet.

Longboard dancing started in America. There is a longboard dancing competition every year. But this year, coronavirus changed things. Now, the competition is online.

In the competition, people make videos of longboard dancing. They put the videos on Instagram. Lotfi Lamaali watches the videos. He decides the winner of the competition. Lotfi won the first competition in 2013. He is very popular on social media.

Longboard dancing is popular with men and women. Cassandre Lemoine won a competition in France last year. Lots of people watch her videos on Instagram. A company saw her videos. They gave her a job.

People think longboard dancing is beautiful. They like watching videos of longboard dancing on the internet. Social media helped longboard dancing become popular. view less

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