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Travellers stop for coffee - 25th September 2020 view all

The pandemic is stopping people flying. There is no travel between lots of countries. Now, Thailand has “plane cafes”. “Plane cafés” give people a travel experience.

Pattaya is a seaside town. It has a new café on an old plane. Customers get on the plane with a flight ticket.

They drink coffee on the plane. They take photos with suitcases. And they can sit in the pilot’s seat.

Thai Airways has a special café too. They have a menu of aeroplane food. The food is on plastic plates. The waiters are cabin crew.

Thailand stopped all travel into the country. There aren’t many people with Covid-19 here. The government wants travel to start again. It is planning travel links with other countries with low Covid rates.

But at the moment, you can only have the food. view less

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