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Australian animal back from the dead - 7th October 2020 view all

This animal is a Tasmanian devil. 3,000 years ago, it lived in Australia. Now, it is coming back!

Tasmanian devils are marsupials, like kangaroos. 26 devils now live near Sydney. Environmental groups brought them here.

Tim Faulkner works for one group.

"This release of devils will be the first of many. We're talking something monumental, a real mark in history, the return of devil to mainland."

Some devils weigh 8kg. They eat other animals. This controls animal numbers. Australia’s environment needs devils.

"We've got the feral fox and feral cat wreaking havoc on our natives. And a control measure, a natural control measure, like a devil, back in the environment could be the only natural solution we have to protecting our natives."

Wild dogs killed all the devils in Australia. Now, there are only 25,000 in Tasmania. Many died from an unknown illness in the 1990s. This new home is a good thing. The number of devils will grow. view less

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