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Whales die in Australia - 30th September 2020 view all

This is a pilot whale. Whales live in the sea. This whale swam onto a beach. Now, it can't move. It is stuck. Last week, 470 pilot whales got stuck on beaches. This was in Tasmania, in Australia. 350 whales died. It is a very big problem for Australia and the world.

People are trying to save the whales. They take the whales back to the sea. It is very difficult. Pilot whales are very big. They can be 6 metres long. They like being with other whales. They are always in groups.

After people save them, some whales swim back to their families on the beach. They become stuck again.

People saved 109 whales. But there is another problem. The government has to take the dead whales away. They could bring some whales back to the beach. They may be bad for the environment too. Whales often get stuck. Nobody knows why. view less

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