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This big bus is travelling on ice. It is on Langjokull glacier in Iceland. Glaciers are big areas of ice. They are very old. The name of the bus is Sleipnir. Sleipnir is a horse in an old Icelandic story.

The bus has 8 big tyres. It is 15 metres long. It can drive very fast on the ice.

Tourist Rosella Greco is from Italy. She is visiting the glacier on the bus.

Rosella Greco: “It, it feels really emotional and you are, like, touching something that it’s so old, and you feel so in contact with the earth. I mean, it's like when you see the Colosseum or something so old."

The glacier is 2,500 years old. It is 1,450 metres tall. Now, there is less ice. It is melting every year. With climate change, it will continue to melt.

Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson is a scientist. He studies glaciers.

Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson: "If this continues in a similar way, or even in a still warmer climate, then it's very likely that all of Langjokull or maybe 80, 90 per cent of it will be gone by the end of this century, really." view less

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