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Mexican holiday gets Barbie doll - 30th October 2020 view all

Mexico has a special holiday. 2nd November is the Day of the Dead. People remember their dead family. They visit them in the churchyard. They bring them sweets and flowers. There are pictures of skulls everywhere.

Now, there is a Day of the Dead Barbie.

Zoila Muntané has lots of Barbies. She is happy. Someone with Mexican family planned this Barbie.

Carlos Sandoval is happy too. He likes the Day of the Dead. He thinks the Day of the Dead Barbie is good.

But some people won’t like it. Barbie is a business. Some people think Barbie is making money from Mexican culture.

The Day of the Dead is special. The United Nations has a list of important cultural events. The Day of the Dead is on this list. view less

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