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Jacinda Ardern wins election - 21st October 2020 view all

On Saturday, people voted in the New Zealand election. They chose the country’s government. The Labour Party won the election again. Jacinda Ardern is the Labour Party leader. She continues as Prime Minister.

In New Zealand, usually no party gets enough votes to win. Two or three political groups have to work together in government. But this time, the Labour Party doesn’t need any help.

Ardern: “Tonight, New Zealand has shown the Labour Party its greatest support in at least 50 years.”

Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister after the 2017 election. She helped New Zealand with lots of big problems. There was a terrorist attack and a big volcano. New Zealand had money problems too. But Jacinda Ardern helped New Zealand. This made her popular. Many New Zealanders love her. People around the world like her too.

After the election, Jacinda Ardern spoke to New Zealanders. She spoke in two New Zealand languages: English and Maori.

Ardern: “Now more than ever is the time to keep going, to keep working, to grab hold of the opportunities that lay in front of us. So let’s step forward together. Ka Hoake tonu tatou (Let’s keep moving in Te Reo Maori). Let's keep moving.” view less

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