We believe that learning English should be an enjoyable process, stimulated by interesting content.

Sensations English is a news-based online language service, providing authentic, up-to-date news videos and articles. All are accessible to learners at 5 different levels (from beginner to advanced) and scaffold understanding and learner development and enable teachers to differentiate content effortlessly.

Working with a range of experts in English language teaching, we have produced a unique, versatile, and high-quality language learning solution. This combines a communicative focus with accessible higher order thinking and international real-world contexts. We recognise learners as multi-competent speakers and multicultural citizens.

The Sensations English Pedagogy

Motivational learning

  • Real-world topics ignite curiosity and inspire learners to share thoughts and ideas and to learn more.
  • Our lessons widen cultural awareness which stimulates learners to think critically and creatively.
  • Gamification support-mechanisms extend learning and increase involvement, and the bite-sized activities are all derived from real-world content.

Contextualised learning

  • Vocabulary and grammar situated in real-life contexts helps learners to build their own understanding of language, improving learning outcomes.
  • Using news-based resources is more immersive than traditional approaches and enables the learning to be faster and deeper.
  • Rich contextualisation makes vocabulary and grammar more memorable for learners.

Multisensory learning

  • Videos and images are powerful creators of meaning and memory and help reduce cognitive load.
  • High exposure to spoken language helps learners to develop their auditory processing and phonological awareness, leading to faster recognition of both speech and printed text.
  • Interview clips of people speaking help learners to understand a variety of accents and speech rhythms as well as peoples use of gesture and facial expressions.

Meet the Team

Lewis Bronze

Founder and Chairman

Ian Lyle

Founder and Investor Relations

Alex Lonsdale

Managing Director

Colette Thomson

Founder & Production

David Summers


Adam Scott

ELT Specialist

Jessie Bronze

Production and Marketing

Brett Savidge

Head of Sales

John Hampson

Technical Lead