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Add value to your student offering with Sensations English.

Working with Sensations English

Leveraging digital tools

Training and support

Developing your digital teaching

Plus, provide your teachers and students with effective support for digital learning

Teacher dashboard

Use your personal teacher dashboard to:

  • Set digital tasks for classes and individual students
  • Monitor student and class progress on activities
  • Track each student’s development in their gradebook
  • Send students personalised/individual feedback on activities

Student menu

Motivate your learners! Through the student menu, learners can:

  • Find and review their lesson tasks
  • Check progress and feedback in their gradebook
  • Receive digital notifications of new tasks and feedback
  • Set their level for self-study

Teacher zone

Get expert guidance to support your teaching:

  • Use lesson plans to help you teach with confidence
  • Get technical help with how to videos and PDF guides
  • Download ready-to-use slides for use with students
  • Watch our teacher CPD webinars to improve your teaching

Student engagement

Enjoy stress free planning and exciting lessons with up-to-date content:

  • Teach face-to-face, online or in hybrid classes
  • Access reliable, high-quality, graded and authentic resources
  • Trust content written and designed by ELT specialists
  • Rely on the experts in video and digital learning

Schools and colleges Pricing

From as low as €25 per month

3 Months

75 euros

25 / per month

For up to 5 students

3 Months

135 euros

45 / per month

For 6 to 10 students

3 Months

240 euros

€80 / per month

For 11 to 20 students

3 Months

315 euros

105 / per month

For 21 to 30 students

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