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About us

We believe that learning English should be an enjoyable process, stimulated by interesting content.

Sensations English is a news-based online language service, providing authentic, up-to-date news videos and articles. All are accessible to learners at 5 different levels (from beginner to advanced) and scaffold understanding and learner development and enable teachers to differentiate content effortlessly.

Working with a range of experts in English language teaching, we have produced a unique, versatile, and high-quality language learning solution. This combines a communicative focus with accessible higher order thinking and international real-world contexts. We recognise learners as multi-competent speakers and multicultural citizens.

The Sensations English Pedagogy

Motivational learning

  • Real-world topics ignite curiosity and inspire learners to share thoughts and ideas and to learn more.
  • Our lessons widen cultural awareness which stimulates learners to think critically and creatively.
  • Gamification support-mechanisms extend learning and increase involvement, and the bite-sized activities are all derived from real-world content.

Contextualised learning

  • Vocabulary and grammar situated in real-life contexts helps learners to build their own understanding of language, improving learning outcomes.
  • Using news-based resources is more immersive than traditional approaches and enables the learning to be faster and deeper.
  • Rich contextualisation makes vocabulary and grammar more memorable for learners.

Multisensory learning

  • Videos and images are powerful creators of meaning and memory and help reduce cognitive load.
  • High exposure to spoken language helps learners to develop their auditory processing and phonological awareness, leading to faster recognition of both speech and printed text.
  • Interview clips of people speaking help learners to understand a variety of accents and speech rhythms as well as peoples use of gesture and facial expressions.

Meet the team

Colette Thomson


Adam Scott

Education Director

Duran Duckett

ELT Writer/Editor

Vicky Bagheri

Business Account Manager

Gerald Smith

Production,Journalism and Marketing

Lewis Bronze