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We offer flexible learning solutions for international businesses.

Independent Learner Pricing

From as low as €10.83 per month

3 Months

47 euros

15.67 per month

6 Months

73 euros

12.17 per month

12 Months

130 euros

10.83 / per month

Schools and Colleges Pricing

Contact [email protected] to find the right package for you or your school.

Freelance Teacher Pricing

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Sensations English Plan Comparison

Independent Learner Edition

Freelance Teacher Edition

Schools and Colleges Edition

News reports at 5 levels of English

Digital study activities and tools

Automatic feedback on tasks

A teacher account to manage students’ learning

Student accounts linked to your teacher account

Digital classrooms to organise your learners

Digital task setting to personalise teaching

Digital task monitoring and summaries

Admin account to manage users, classes and groups

Live tech, admin and teacher onboarding

Ongoing technical and pedagogical support

Importing tools for fast user setup

Multiple teacher accounts

Multiple teachers per classroom

Digital task setting for multiple classrooms

Class/group task summary sharing

Tailored class/group reports to track progress

User activity performance indicators

API integration with school platforms

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