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It is good – you can watch interesting things from the world not too difficult and see more vocabulary – that is important for me understand native people.

It’s great to you can go up and down levels to see what you can understand. I can watch again and the pictures they help me to know.

I never had chance to practise listen the real people speaking before - this is very good for news and interesting for me.

I have never found a site with graded videos as yours, they are so engaging and motivating. You are an extraordinary tool for teachers and students.

I am loving the benefits of Sensations English. I do all the games. I am convinced that this course is the best in the world: SUPERB!

It is so amazing how Sensations English provides levels of difficulty, which really helps us know and understand English in an easy way. I'm absolutely impressed.

Sensations English is great and will be helpful with preparing for my C1 Cambridge Exam.

Brilliant resource, It is incredibly useful to start preparing for English exams such as First, Cae, Ielts, etc.

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