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Whether you have 5 or 25 English language students, Sensations English offers a reliable, engaging, low-prep resource and offers learners a and unique learning experience more closely related to the outside world.

The Sensations English Teacher Gradebook is an online solution which enables teachers to effectively integrate Sensations English into their work.

Teachers can set tasks and deadlines, monitor activity, track individual and class progress and grade students – all on the Sensations English platform.

Activities can be set for whole classes or tailored to individual students for in-class, hybrid, blended or private study or any combination of these.

Students also have their own dashboard to review feedback on tasks and track their own performance.

Teachers can monitor overall progress of each class, send messages and manage each student with ease.

You can also access our expertise with lesson plans and classroom activities – more time-saving ways to help you deliver high-quality lessons fast!

Use Sensations English Gradebook to:

Save you time – hassle free teaching

Add energy to your classroom

Breathe new life into your learning

Bring exciting, fresh content into the classroom

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